Sharing My Story...Finding Light in the Darkness

Over the last month and half  at Circles of Faith, we've been sharing personal stories, God moments, and turning points in faith from our contributors. It happened partially as a result of the feedback we received from our first live event. We decided that, just for a bit, we'd throw out the script of FAITH, LIFE, and COMMUNITY to focus exclusively on STORY. We've been talking about how important stories are so much behind the scenes, that it seemed like a natural thing to write about at Faith Gateway last week.

It was purely coincidence that on the same day that Why Story Matters was posted on Faith Gateway, my #FaithStory was posted on Circles of Faith.

I  knew that eventually it would be my turn to share a personal story but as the days got closer I found it hard to sit down and write. It's easy for me to write How to Create a Mission Statement for You, Your Marriage, or Family or Scripture Memory and Prayer Cards for Kids than it is for me to share the raw emotion of losing someone close to me. With encouragement from my dear friend and partner at COF I sat down and did what we asked every one of our contributors to do... I shared a story.

I'd love for you to join me over at Circles of Faith to read about How God Loves Us Through our Deepest Pain and Turns Our Darkness Into Light

I'd love to know, Do you find it easy to share your story?  and How have you benefited for hearing the story of others?