Identity Crisis...


Scenes from Instagram It’s been pretty quiet around here…well, sort of.

In October I participated in this crazy challenge called 31 Days. It’s where a whole bunch of bloggers link up with the Nester and write for 31 days straight. I love being a part of it and it pushes me to write in a different way than I am used to writing on this blog. The first year I wrote about Grace. The second year I wrote about Kids & Money (which I didn’t quite finish but still write about.) And in 2014 I wrote about teaching kids about Prayer.

After a marathon of posting this last go around, I lost a bit of steam. Kind of like when I spent week after week training for a ½ Marathon, then once I ran it, I stopped running for months after that. I continued to do my thing over at Circles of Faith and Faith Gateway but never quite got back to writing here much.

Something else happened at the end of October, I attended the Allume Conference. Armed with business cards, I went about connecting with old friends and meeting new ones.

When asked about my blog I recited my standard elevator pitch. “It’s called Living in the Sweet Spot. I write about the lessons I’ve learned from my little ones.”

But then I would go on to say, “ They actually aren’t that little anymore, sometimes I write about teaching kids about money, and I also do these prayer cards with memory verses on the front and prayers on the back…”

After a while I stopped giving that little speech because it became clear my blog and I we’re having an identity crisis.

These types of conference have keynote speakers as well as break out sessions. I typically find it so hard to choose which of the small classes I want to attend. But I knew for sure I wanted to check out Being a Trailblazer by Anne F. Downs. I am so glad I went because it rocked my world. She spoke about investing in the next generation. I laughed, I cried, it seemed everything she said resonated with me.

I have always had a heart for youth ministry. My greatest need and disconnect with real relevant faith happened during my pre-teen and teen years. The funny thing this, although I felt called at a really young age to work with youth ministry, I have never actually done it. It seemed every time I tried to get involved, the door was closed. I couldn’t understand it; I thought for sure this was where I was meant to serve.

I realized as I was sitting there in Annie’s talk, this wasn’t the first time my eyes teared up while hearing someone talk about sowing into the lives of kids in the everyday mundane. However, it was the first time I recognized that I was already doing when my heart longed to do. Every month I spend time with my tweens and their friends by hosting book club, cooking club, carpooling, and attending sports. I am in their lives, guiding them, teaching them new things, and listening to what matters to them.

I began to wonder, “Is this the answer to my identity crisis? “Should I rebrand?”Start over?”If this is what tugs at my heart over and over again shouldn’t I be talking about it?

Honestly, I am not sure. I still want to share what God is teaching me through my “little ones”.  I also want to continue to talk about Kids & Money, and create memory verse and prayer cards for you. But, as I discover what it means to own the sphere of influence I have been given and invest in the next generation, I will begin to talk about that too. There are also other things that may make the pages of this blog such as: Circles of Faith as it grows (we're doing in person events and about to launch a podcast), and what it is like for me, an interior designer turned stay-at-home mom, to do life through a major renovation (penciled in to start next month).

I would love for you to stick with me as I take the next few months to find my rhythm here on the blog. I am excited about to see where this journey takes us.