Encouragement for My Tween Daughter

encouragement for my tween daughter1

My oldest girl's birthday is today; she is 12 years old. I still can't believe she is a tween. It seems like just yesterday we brought her home to our NYC apartment. As a first time parent, I felt overjoyed, yet wondering if I was up for the task of raising such a precious child. No one year in the life of my girl has been the same. She has experienced the ups and downs of friendship, the fear of trying something, and the uncertainty of who God created her to be. Just when this momma has things figured out we enter a new phase. I am grateful for the friends in my life who have older children that reassure me the changes we experience are normal and give me a heads up as to what lies ahead.

Right around this time last year I wrote a letter to my daughter for her birthday. I wanted to encourage her because I knew that soon her body would be changing and she'd be starting middle school. I wanted my words and God's truth to counter any lies that would cause her to think she doesn't measure up. I included that letter in a post I wrote over at Faith Gateway. As I celebrate another year of this amazing girl's life, I am revisiting those words and sharing them with you.

Dear Ava,

I am so excited to be a part of your life and watch you grow into a young lady. Over the next few years your body will go through changes that are going to seem weird, but I promise you, that they are completely normal. You will be tempted to compare yourself to others when you look in the mirror, get your report card, or step onto the lacrosse field. Resist the urge!  

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