What God’s Anointing Does in Our Lives


Thankfully my kids are older now and are finally getting the hang of waking up early to help make breakfast and pack their own lunch… every mother’s dream.

During the school year, mornings can be a little hectic in our house and this morning was not different. The girls wanted to walk to school which meant that I wouldn’t have to drive them, but it also meant they would need to leave earlier then usual.

When the clock struck eight my middle one wasn’t ready. She didn’t have her water bottle filled up. She took out the ice tray but has trouble putting it back in. I zipped around the kitchen, with one hand I was helping my son make his lunch and the other hand I held a devotional while reading to the kids.

I saw my girl struggle and without even being asked I step over and lifted the tray, still in her hands, ever so slightly she could slide it into place. I keep reading as I grab a fork and napkin and toss it in little man’s lunch. (A supermom moment that is not common.)

Immediately, I got the picture of what God’s anointing is meant to do in our lives. It was no coincidence that I was reading Joel Osteen’s words on that topic that very morning.

“… things will be easier. What you used to struggle with will no longer be a struggle…That is the oil God put on you. His anointing of ease.”

In the Bible, Samuel anointed David. This was an indication that David was chosen for a special purpose, to be the next king of Israel. The simple meaning of anoint is to pour on or smear with a liquid, typically oil. Oil is a lubricant that makes things flow. Anyone with a can of WD-40 knows the magic that comes from spraying a little on a rusted screw that is stuck.

When God anoints us, He places His ability on our ability.

God’s anointing isn’t just reserved for pastors and those who run ministries. It’s for the mom who is taking care of little ones and the empty nester that is finally pursuing their dream to become a writer. It’s for the banker, the librarian, and the school custodian.

God’s anointing on our life does not mean that we won’t face challenges or encounter obstacles; it just means that with Him, those things will be easier. I am praying for God to anoint me to do those things that he has called me to do, as well as the wisdom to say “no” to those things he hasn’t.

Sure my daughter could have eventually fit the bin back in place but not without a great deal of frustration and lost time. From where I was standing the solution was simple, the rails in the freezer were higher that she was able to lift the bin. All she needed was just a little adjustment that I was able to give.

I am looking for divine adjustments in my life, how about you?