Scripture Memory and the Change it Brings


As a mom of little ones I found myself frustrated and exhausted. For the most part my kids were good, but they were young. They would bicker or disobey just because they wanted to. Counting to three, repeating myself over and over again certainly didn't work.

It didn’t take long to realize the need for God’s wisdom in this area. I read a handful of parenting books but ultimately turned to the Bible to find out what it said about how he wants us to behave so I could teach it to my kids. At first I tried quoting scripture to correct them but quickly realized I wasn't getting the verses right because I didn't know them very well myself.  So we started to memorize scripture together with the help of the Read It Pray It cards I created.

By intentionally sharing with then what the Bible says, for example, about loosing their temper, sharing, or being thankful, I'd hope they would be able to make better choices. Slowly I began to see a change.

Today I am over at my friend Becky's blog talking a little bit more about this. I'd love for you to stop by her place to check it out.