Access to God's Word - No Wi-Fi Required


I absolutely love technology however, I have recently realized that I rely on it a little too much. There isn't much I commit to memory anymore because with the swipe of a finger I can access almost any information that I need. This ability has it's advantages except when you lose power like I did after Hurricane Sandy. 

I am so honored to be over at Jennifer J. Camp's blog where I am sharing why, just like our loved one's phone numbers, it is crucial to commit the Word of God to memory. Join me...? No Wi-Fi Required

While you are there don't just check out my post...take a look around. She is author of the book Loop and the co-founder of Gather Ministries. She posts about the real-life struggle of surrendering her will to God. I love hanging out there among her beautiful words and glimpses of West Coast living.

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