Write 31 Days of God's Truth in My Day to Day


Gods truth in my day to day For the last three years I joined 1000+ bloggers and participated in Write 31 Days. Just as it suggests, the Write 31 Days challenges you to write and post on your blog for 31 days in a row. It encourages you to go deeper into a topic, creating a series for your readers. The first year I wrote on 31 Days of Transforming Grace, the following year was 31 Days of Kids and Money, and last year I completed 31 Days of Teaching Kids About Prayer which included a daily Biblical truth about prayer and an activity your could do with your kiddos to reinforce what you were teaching them. Not only was it fun but it really pushed me to write regularly and focus on a topic that is important to me.

As I saw bloggers talking online about this upcoming October, I considered whether or not I was going to join in. I am in the middle of a major renovation, building a businessrunning a ministry, and soccer season. I was pretty sure that I didn't have time to fit this into my busy schedule. I made the healthy choice of saying "No, not this year. I can't possibly add one more thing to my plate." But as I today got closer the October 1, the thought of not participating made me sad.

Then I found a solution. Since my time is limited and I LOVE Instagram, maybe, I could handle 31 days of Insta-blogging, an abbreviated version of a post each day. Often times God will use my little ones, my circumstance, or my surroundings as a teachable moment. If I am not too busy, and I slow down long enough to pay attention, I learn something.

So, here it is, the big idea: Each day I'll share a Biblical truth that I am learning and post a picture that affirms that truth. No stock images, just pictures of my right now, in the thick of my day to day real life. I am trusting that I as I lean into God over the next 31 days that He will have something for me amid the busy.

I'd love for you to join me on Instagram and Facebook as I Write 31 Days. I will be back here on the blog each Monday with a recap of the week.

If you are participating in Write 31 Days I would love to hear about it. Share it will us in the comments!

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