Day 8-14 // 31 Days of God’s Truth in My Day to Day


31 days 8-14_650 Day 8 & 9 - This is what it look like when your roof isn't finished and it storms unexpectedly. Thankfulness opens up the windows of heaven. It's may be hard to rejoice in God when things aren't going our way but when we do He honors our obedience with and exchange: THANKFULNESS, regardless of your feelings, for JOY, regardless of your circumstance (Habakkuk 3:17-18)

Day 10 - The more your spend time with a friend the more you get to know, the more you trust them... it's called experiential knowledge. Spending time together enhances and grows relationships. It's easy to get busy but don't let that keep you from spending time with the one will stick closer to you then a brother. (Proverbs 18:24)

Day 11 - I am starting viewing my problems as challenges and stop being so bummed when things don't work out immediately the way I want them to. We have the ability to tap into the problem solving wisdom and grace of God. (James 1:2,1:5)

Day 12 - When I pray for the intangible, like favor, efficiency, reconcilitation, or unity over my situation, sometimes it's enough. Others times I reminded what Eph. 3:20 says and I wonder, "What is the best case scenario here?" I let my thoughts run to what it would look like for those words charecterize my situation. I journal what I come up with and share them with God. Then I let Him hand it over to Him and so he can work out the details because He can do immeasureably more than I can think or ask. It gives me hope. ‪#‎Write31Days‬

Day 13 - I used to think experienceing the presence of God throughout my day was just another task on my to do list, using precious time and energy that I was short on. But's it's really not. It is the simple act of taking much needed mental breaks and reaching for Him by: Taking to a moment to pray. Reading a scripture that encourages. Releasing my cares because "I really can not think about this anymore." Letting go of control and asking, "What do you have for me today?" ‪#‎Write31Days‬‪#‎slowandsteadywinstherace‬

Day 14 - Joy comes from gratitude, gratitude comes from perspective. You can only change your life when you change what you see. So it leads me to ask myself, "What are my eyes fixed on?" ‪#‎Write31Days‬ ‪#‎perspective‬