A Sabbath Project

Sabbath Project1

Exodus 20:8 says, "Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy". Holy means, literally, "set apart." The Sabbath is the day God rested after doing the good work of creation. It is meant to be a day unlike any other in the week.

When I look at my busy calendar I often see that there is not one day that that stands out above the others. Weekends are just as hectic, if not more, than weekdays. I may not be sitting at my computer working on Saturdays or Sundays but I am definitely not resting. Each of my 3 kids plays multiple sports. Games, and sometimes practices, are scheduled on the weekend so there is very little down time. Watching my kids do their thing on the sports field is certainly enjoyable but keeping schedules straight and splitting up to drive everyone where they need to be isn’t always fun.e

Observing the Sabbath was impossible until I made a decision to intentionally plan for and pursue it. As the primary care giver in the home I needed to rest when my kids weren’t home. After trying a few different days I chose Fridays. My first Sabbath was a success!

I found myself looking forward to the next Friday. However, that following Sunday, during our family business meeting, I realized there was no way I could take a day off. That upcoming Saturday was the Circles of Faith Your Story, Your Influence retreat. Although our team had been working on it for months, there was still a lot to do. Taking off the day before the big event seemed irresponsible.

I decided to skip taking a Sabbath and instead snuck off to the movies with friends earlier in the week to get some “me” time.

The week after that I was back on track.

During our renovation my middle girl moved out of the room she shared with her sister. Her new room was painted, the bed and futon were in place but it lacked the coziness she previously enjoyed. I decided, as a birthday gift, to transform her room and surprise her HGTV style. That was on Tuesday, I only had a few days to pull it together. The only day I could install everything was Friday…my Sabbath.

I shopped all day Thursday while the kids were in school. Friday was a half-day because of parent teacher conferences so my husband was home to help. We used every last second to lay a rug, hang up curtains, and decorate the walls. The reveal was fun, especially because my daughter unexpectedly brought home seven of her closet friends to have lunch at our house before heading to the park to play lacrosse.

Technically I worked on my Sabbath. But, it was amazingly fulfilling. I enjoyed spending time with my husband and creating this wonderful gift for my daughter. I used the talents and gifts my Heavenly Father gave me to create a beautiful space in my home.

I didn’t have to do it, I wanted to do it!

After the house was cleared of tween girls and pizza boxes I sat down to relax. I felt a sense of accomplishment mixed with joy. I was able to enjoy those feelings without worrying about what I had to do next.

Even though that day isn’t what most would consider a day of rest, I would definitely count it as another successful Sabbath.