Summer Reading: Tweens and Teen Girls

It feels like just yesterday that I dropped my daughter off at Kindergarten. As she walked into her classroom with hesitation, my eyes filled with tears. I wondered how she would do in this new environment with strangers. I worried that my shy little girl would have trouble making friends.

I find myself thinking of this as I prepare her for middle school. She has come so far since that first day of school but it doesn’t keep me from wondering if she is ready to navigate the next few years. It’s as if overnight, the game has changed and the stakes are higher than they were in elementary school. Her body is starting to develop, relationships have become more complicated, and the pressure to perform academically has increased.

The older my daughter gets, the more choices she’ll make on her own and I want to prepare her. There are a few things I want her to have as she heads into these years and I am grateful that there are resources to help.

Head over to Faith Gateway and see what books we will be binge reading over the summer as we prepare for the new season that she is entering.