Finding Selah - Book Review


The first time I met Kristen Kill was back in 2015 when I attended the Winsome Retreat. A few weeks before the event, my friend Elise and I got an email from the retreat’s host asking us if we could give a few fellow bloggers from NYC a ride. We immediately said yes! We didn’t know these women but were happy to make space in the minivan for them. 

On the morning we left, we pulled up to the train station to pick up the two women whose faces we’d only seen online. We found them, introduced ourselves, and after a quick Starbucks stop, we set out for the 5-hour drive. 

Kristen was one of those women. 

The car ride there was an absolute delight. We got to know each other quickly, and it didn’t take long for us to go deep into the conversation about family, faith, and work. I am forever changed by our time together that weekend. (We did it all again the following year too!)

It’s an honor to share my friend’s book with you today!


Throughout the Psalms, we find the word Selah. It’s a break in the psalmist’s cries, to pause and reflect. It’s also an invitation to rest. And in that rest, God provides a reorientation for our soul. 

In the book Finding Selah, Kristen Kill explains what Selah is and how we can experience it in our everyday. 

Through personal stories laced with the truth of God’s love and provision, she shares her experience with depression, loss, and ultimately finding peace in the one who is rest, Jesus. 

This book challenged me to let go of control and trust in God’s provision instead of what I have created for myself; to stop gathering manna for tomorrow and instead drink in the beauty and grace I’ve been given today. I was reminded that “Rest and provision are inextricably linked. Intertwined.”

This book is easy to read, and I had to stop myself from finishing it in one sitting. Much like rest itself, this book is to be savored slow, and with intention. I will be sure to revisit it often especially in seasons where busy attempts to steal my peace. 

If you are weary, stretched beyond your limits, and long for change this book is for you!

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