Welcome to The Family Culture Project!


Together with my husband Carl, I will be bringing you weekly podcasts that empower you to create a thriving family culture.

When my husband and I first got married, we had so many ideas of what family life would be like. We wanted a welcoming home with an open-door policy, a family that loves and serves God together, a simple life that prioritized relationships.  

However, after moving to the burbs, having a few kids, and investing into our careers, we discovered that the values, beliefs, and expectations we had for our family had gotten lost in the shuffle of our modern-day life.

We found ourselves in the rut of just surviving, barely getting through the week. We packed our schedules with school activities, sports, church, and volunteer commitments. These were all good things. However, we felt like we didn’t have control over the direction our family was going.

We realized it was time to change the trajectory of our family.  

In an effort to bridge the the gap between the life we were living and and the life we’d hoped for, my husband and I set out to create a mission statement. It was harder than we thought it’d be. After a few failed attempts, I began to research how successful companies created theirs.

That’s when I discovered the power of culture and the part it plays in a thriving organization.

Along the way, I realized that the very same principles that cause an organization’s culture to flourish and business to succeed can help my family thrive.

We’ve created this podcast because we believe you don’t have to feel hopeless looking at the path your family is on. With thought and deliberate steps, you can create a culture in your home that reflects your family's values and beliefs.

As a result, you’ll be able to lead with purpose and passion and create unity within your family. When it comes time for your children to leave your home, they will have a foundation of confidence and purpose that will equip them to follow their personal mission and embrace who God has created them to be.

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We want to let you know up front; we don’t have all the answers. However, we’ve both experienced intentional culture and default culture in business, ministry, and family. We’ve studied what makes some organizations succeed and others fail. Since we are smack dab in the middle of raising our own kids, we’ll be learning with you along the way as we speak with experts, leaders, and everyday people who are intentionally building cultures that thrive.

We can’t guarantee that as parents you’ll make all the right choices, or that your kids will never make mistakes. We can, however, promise you that if you do the work to establish your values and beliefs, translate them into behaviors that can be repeated and measured you will have a culture in your home that will anchor your family to what matters to the most.

I hope you’ll join us when we launch the show on Tuesday, January 16th.

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