Top Posts and Podcasts of 2018


I love year end reflections and recaps, and today I’m sharing ones particular to my blog and the podcast.
The 5 most popular posts on family culture this year determined by pure numbers:

Others on the "Most Popular" list that make me smile and shake my head:

I’m always surprised to see what makes the list, and what doesn’t but I am sharing them anyway. I hope you enjoy perusing these Top 10 

Top 5 Podcast Episodes from 2018

  • Episode 26 Allie Casazza and How Simplicity Makes Room For a Strong Family Culture There are days when I feel like more of a manager than a mom. I spend a lot of my time coordinating schedules and putting away the stuff we have accumulated in our home. Yes, I can be grateful for the all that we have been giving to take care of but it’s all too easy for those things suck up the time, resources, and energy that are vital to intentionally build culture in my home. 

  • Episode 31 Rorke Denver and What a Navy SEAL Can Teach us About Family Culture A strong intentionally created culture is a game changer in organizations, ministry, and home. It can determine whether you fail or succeed, achieve your goals or miss the mark. In the military it’s the difference between life and death. If you are not convinced that culture matters, this episode with persuade you otherwise. 

    Episode 01 What is Culture and What it Has to Do With Families This podcast is for families at every age that just want a purposeful way to instill their values and beliefs into their family

  • Episode 16 How a Family Retreat Will Benefit Your Family Many organizations hold yearly employee performance reviews. These evaluations reinforce what their managers expect in the workplace but also provide employers with information to use when making decisions, such as promotions, pay raises, and layoffs. We used the same format with our children and incorporated it into our yearly retreat. to answer questions like, “Is there something our kids need from us that we are not providing? When I am not around, are my kids treating each other well? Does their behavior reflect our family’s mission or values?

  • Episode 25 Becky Kiser and The Secret to Making Your Holidays More Meaningful The way we celebrate the holidays shapes our family culture. The traditions and customs around Birthdays, Easter, Thanksgiving, and yes even Valentine’s Day creates experiences in our home that are remembered by our children years after they leave our home. So if you are looking to approach the holidays with peace and purpose rather than frenzy and overwhelm you’ll want to listen to this week’s episode. 

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