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How to Teach Kids How to Abide in Christ

A while back a friend of mine got a dog. To say a few things changed when Marley arrived is an understatement. As I read the series of Facebook posts that followed in the days after Marley’s arrival I was reminded of what it means to abide in Christ. Join me over at Faith Gateway as I share what I learned. There’s also some tips on how we cant teach our kids to abide in Christ too!

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Everything is Better with a Friend

My kids gave me a long list of things they want to do once school gets out.

The list included going to the zoo, the park, museums, and the beach. They would like to make crafts, host play dates, and have sleepovers with their friends. These activities all sounds fun. However, I honestly don’t look forward to most of it. At least not with just them. I know that sounds awful but let me explain.

I love spending time with my little ones. The things we do together are super fun; there is plenty of laughter, joy, and teachable moments. But being with another mom and her little ones makes everything so much more fun.

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How to Help Kids Navigate Change and Uncertainty

Do you have a child facing a new change or struggle?

When my kids feel helpless, the first thing I want to do is fix what’s broken. But If I am not careful, I will create a culture in my home of making sure my kids are always comfortable. It may feel loving to stay one step ahead of the obstacles my kids may face, however, a parent’s job isn’t to be there for their kids all the time. It’s to teach them how to problem-solve and prepare them for life without us.

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