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Top Posts and Podcasts of 2018

I love year end reflections and recaps, and today I’m sharing ones particular to my blog and the podcast. The 5 most popular posts on family culture this year determined by pure numbers are listed here. Others on the "Most Popular" list that make me smile and shake my head. I’m always surprised to see what makes the list, and what doesn’t but I am sharing them anyway. I hope you enjoy perusing these Top 10. 

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My One Word in the New Year 2017

This past year has included huge personal growth for me. As I approach 2017, I am ready to be refreshed. As I prayed about the things I would like to be different this year the word RENEW came to me. There are a few important projects I am working on this year. However, I want to see renewal in the areas mentioned above more than I want to achieve any one specific goal. I truly believe that if I let my One Word guide me it will help me achieve my goals. The One Word itself does not hold power but the small consistent practices I have associated with it do. 

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