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How to Make Great Friends

Why is making friends so hard sometimes? I went through a season of my life where I felt like I had no friends. I had great relationships growing up, in college, and even in my post-college single days. However, after I transitioned to a stay-at-home mom and moved to the suburbs, I looked around and realized I didn’t know anyone.

I eventually met other moms with whom I could chat on the playground or other settings, but it was always small talk, and I longed for deeper connections. I looked around at other groups of women talking and laughing together and assumed they must all be best friends. Surely, they were getting together without me. I thought, “Doesn’t anybody want to hang out with me?”

After reading a few good books and listening to several podcasts on the topic, I learned a few things about friendship. It was time not only to get busy making new friends but also to be intentional about growing the relationships I had. I was eager to  teach my kids what I discovered, too, because relationships get harder as they get older and there are a few things they need to know. In the process, I learned to…

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Everything is Better with a Friend

My kids gave me a long list of things they want to do once school gets out.

The list included going to the zoo, the park, museums, and the beach. They would like to make crafts, host play dates, and have sleepovers with their friends. These activities all sounds fun. However, I honestly don’t look forward to most of it. At least not with just them. I know that sounds awful but let me explain.

I love spending time with my little ones. The things we do together are super fun; there is plenty of laughter, joy, and teachable moments. But being with another mom and her little ones makes everything so much more fun.

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How to Listen Well

Most of us have had the unfortunate experience of talking to someone that is clearly not listening. The person you are speaking with may be nodding their head, but mentally they are somewhere else. Despite our attempts to justify our friend’s preoccupation or lack of interest it still hurts.

What does it look like to listen to one another in a way that makes us feel heard and fully seen?

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On Running With a Partner

My husband and I like to run before the demands of our day of day begin. That means dragging ourselves out of bed early, often when we’d much rather sleep. As the days get shorter and colder it is even harder. I wake up, get dressed, and honor the commitment we made, but only because I know I am not alone.

The Bible says that Jesus is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. (Proverbs 18:24).

Like a great running partner, Jesus is with me, I am not alone.

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Hospitality and My Sexy Bean Dip

Our mission as a family includes having a home in which others feel welcome. We enjoy having people over to break bread and share stories. We host small groups for our church, backyard movie nights, and even enjoy last minute guests. One of the best ways to head off anxiety about hospitality is to have simple, go to recipes, on hand. I haves a few but my favorite is Sexy Bean Dip.

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Making and Keeping Friends

One of my little ones had a little trouble navigating the choppy waters of friendships at school last year. It broke my heart to see her cry about girls that were her friend one day and not the next. It didn't seem fair, that at such a young age, making and keeping friends was so hard. So I shared with her what the Bible says about making and keeping friends as well as some of the lessons I have learned over the years.

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