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It's Never to Late to Take Control of You Family's Culture

Hands down the ideal time to start imagining, building, and creating your family's culture is when you first start your family. Then as time passes and you go through different seasons it’s crucial to revisit your values, beliefs, and practices that you have in your home. 

It's amazing if you're able to do that however, what if you hadn't? Don’t worry We’re here today to tell you that is never too late to take control of your family culture and begin to lead it with purpose and intention. 

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Transforming Your Family from Surviving to Thriving

That’s exactly what Build Your Best Family online course is all about, allowing you to benefit from what we learned no matter what your schedule is or where you live. It’s a step by step guide to decide what you want their family to be known for, determine their core values and passions, then translate those values into behaviors that can be taught, coached, and celebrated.

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How a Family Retreat will Benefit Your Family

Many organizations hold yearly employee performance reviews. These evaluations reinforce what their managers expect in the workplace but also provide employers with information to use when making decisions about promotions, pay raises, and layoffs.

This same type of review can be used in families to connect with one another and assess where you are individually and as a family.

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Incorporating Your Passions into Your Everyday

When I first started working with my life coach I thought I was way too busy to pursue the things that were important to me. I had a long list of reason why I wasn’t writing more, connecting with my husband regularly, or deepening my friendships.

I assumed I had a time issue. But what I really had was a priority issue. I said over and over that these things mattered to me however they weren’t showing up in my schedule. 

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What Are You Passionate About?

Passions allow you be the best person you can be. That’s because people who know what they are passionate about and actively make those things apart of their lives are fulfilled and connected with their work, family, and life in general. If you haven’t taken the time to figure out what you are passionate about, here’s how you can!

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How You Can Embrace God’s Unique Mission for your Family

Have you ever thought, “Why doesn't my family look like hers?” Do you admire her house, her car, her incredibly talented children, or her husband’s high profile job? Are you tempted to wonder, “If I’d made different choices, would my life be better?”

It’s easy to look at the people we know and assume they have it all together. Or to envy another family’s path. But God has a unique purpose and mission for our family.

I am over at More to Be talking about how you can let go of discontent and regret and embrace God's unique mission for your family. Join me there to READ MORE!

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The Benefits of a Clearly Defined Culture

Procrastination, lack of team spirit, and decreased engagement are all signs of a negative culture both in organizations and families. This develops when the culture is not built intentionally but instead produced by default, without a vision and a plan. However, a strong defined culture energizes its members, keeps them engaged, gives them a sense of belonging, and helps them make decisions.

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Creating a Culture of Creativity in Your Home

With thought and careful planning, we can create a culture in our homes where creativity can thrive.

Occasionally being creative is not enough to make it a part of our family culture. It must consistently show up in everything we do. This principle applies to your family values, no matter what they are.

Join me over at Faith Gateway where I am sharing some ways we make creativity a part of your life...

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Welcome to The Family Culture Project!

Together with my husband Carl, I will be bringing you weekly podcasts that empower you to create a thriving family culture. We’ve created this podcast because we believe you don’t have to feel hopeless looking at the path your family is on. With thought and deliberate steps, you can create a culture in your home that reflects your family's values and beliefs.

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