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How You Can Embrace God’s Unique Mission for your Family

Have you ever thought, “Why doesn't my family look like hers?” Do you admire her house, her car, her incredibly talented children, or her husband’s high profile job? Are you tempted to wonder, “If I’d made different choices, would my life be better?”

It’s easy to look at the people we know and assume they have it all together. Or to envy another family’s path. But God has a unique purpose and mission for our family.

I am over at More to Be talking about how you can let go of discontent and regret and embrace God's unique mission for your family. Join me there to READ MORE!

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I Choose to Believe - More to Be

I used to think that my value and worth by what I did (or didn’t do) for a living, how much I got done in a day, and how clean my house was. That lie made me feel less than and consequently affected the kind of woman, wife, and mother I was.

Head over to More to Be to read the story of how an experience with my oldest daughter and her swim team taught me to recognize the lies that held me back and counter them with the truth.

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Encouraging Your Teen To Grow in their Faith

It took years for me to learn that getting to know God isn’t hard or boring at all and spending time with Him doesn’t look the same for everyone. There is no one-way to do it. In fact, the way I spend time with God looks different in every season of my life.

When talking to my daughter about getting to know God, I ask her to consider how she became so close with her BBFs. Then I explained to her that it’s not very different from getting to know God.

Join me over at More to Be as I talk about how to encourage your teen to grow their faith.

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