Sweet Spot Living is a New Jersey based multidisciplinary design studio founded by Kimberly Amici. With a desire to see people walk in the Sweet Spot of God’s success, we create products that keep the Word of God alive and active in the lives of both adults and children. Our newest product, the Read it Pray It cards, can be used for both scripture memory and prayer.

The original 48 cards are available for FREE on the site, but If you prefer the convenience of having them professionally printed, trimmed, and delivered to your mailbox you'll find them here. Also available for purchased are additional topics in digital and printed subscriptions.

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer Holiday Sale in my Shop!

Now through December 21, I am offering 50% off all printed products in my shop. Not only can you get the Starter Set - 48 Read It Pray It Scripture Cards but new sets which include:

Set 1: Topics: Listen - Speak, Gratitude, Repentance, Pride, Truth, Trust

Set 2: Topics: Future, Faith, Jesus, Grace, Praise, Identity

Set 3: Joy, Self Control, Patience, Selflessness, Unity

Set 4: Strength, Success, Education, Diligence, Favor, Success, Wisdom

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