Kimberly Amici
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What do you want your family to be known for?

explore who you are as a family and be challenged to dream about what you could become together.


Hi there!

I am Kimberly Amici

I'm a Family Culture Coach and I'm here to help you live a life of purpose with the ones you love and become the family you were meant to be.

My favorite things to write about are faith, family culture, and community. I am also the producer and co-host of  The Family Culture Project podcast.

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The Family Culture Project

Hear from experts, leaders, and everyday people who share with you what it takes to go from surviving to thriving as a family.

the podcast


Family Culture workSheet


8 questions that will help you clarify what you want your family to be known for. 

Core Values Inventory Kit


A step by step guide that will hep you identify your core values

Family Meeting Packet


Discussion ideas and sample agendas that will save you time at your family meeting.


Read it Pray it Cards

The front of the cards say “Read It”. That’s where the memory verse is printed. On the back of the cards it says “Pray It”. There you’ll find the verse turned into a prayer.

the shop

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Articles to help you become the family you were meant to be!