How to Persevere and Overcome Fear with Faith


My son walked off the wrestling mat with tears in his eyes and said, “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

He was so excited when the season started; however, it didn’t take long for him to become discouraged. The practices were great, his teammates and coaches affirming and fun to be around. However, he was getting his behind kicked when he competed against other teams. Match after match my son tried not to cry as the referees declared his opponent the winner.

Every time he lost I had to hold myself back from running up to my son to hug and kiss the crushing disappointment away. Despite my experience with the sport, it was hard to see my son struggle with so much emotion. I wanted to make it easy for him. I wanted to rescue him.

Thankfully I didn’t. Because it became the season that he learned how to perseverance and overcome his fear with faith.

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