Living Life to the Fullest

Right now in the Northeast, the weather is cold. My little ones and I bundle up in puffy coats, hats, scarves, and gloves to go outside. All this clothing keeps us warm in the frosty air however it becomes a burden when we’re at the mall.

Shopping can quickly become nearly unbearable when my little ones whine, “Mommy, carry my coat PLEASE.” I usually say “No, sweetie, carry your own coat. We won’t be here long.”

My husband is much more gracious than I am. He is more than happy to mind our belongings. When he does I feel light and unencumbered. I am in a better mood, I can think clearly, and I get things done faster. If only for a little while, I am not weighed down with all that stuff.

The freedom I experienced walking around while shopping with my husband pales in comparison to the freedom God wants us to walk around with in this life. Jesus came to bring us life and life to the fullest!

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