The Secret to Making Your Holidays More Meaningful with Becky Kiser and Sacred Holidays


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This new book from Becky Kiser called Sacred Holidays: Less Chaos, More Jesus is a game changer for me. I really do love the holidays, all of them. However I typically get stuck in the ugly cycle of being too busy, not preparing for the holiday, making a mad dash to save the day, and then feeling crummy because it didn’t meet my expectation. It’s the worst when Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, or my child’s birthday did not match the picture I have in my head of what it SHOULD be. Yikes!

I want 2019 to be the year I break out of that cycle. This doesn’t mean that every holiday form here on out will be perfect but that they would be approached with intention and on purpose.

What I love about Becky’s book is that she make it easy to achieve that. It’s part soul encouraging and part resource that walks you through the steps you can take to simplify and bring meaning back to your holiday experience.

She touches on what to consider when planning and decorating for each holiday, how to manage friends and family who do things differently than you, and why grace matters in the process of figuring our what works for you and your family.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Becky on The Family Culture Project Podcast about her new book and how we approach our holidays with intention. Check it out!

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