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On Embracing Your Uniqueness

Growing up I felt like I didn’t fit in.

I was athletic enough to be on the team but not good enough to play in the games. I was friends at school with the popular kids but never invited to hang out with them after school was out. I wanted to play sports with the boys on my block while my friends just wanted to sit around and talk about them. I was smart and got good grades but took art instead of math, typing, and business like my friends.

It hasn’t entirely changed now that I am older. For years I indulged in a pity party but now I am doing things differently. Join me over at Faith Gateway to READ MORE.

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A Few Ways You Can Touch Someone With Your Written Words

One of the things I miss most from my pre-smartphone days is getting a personal note in the mail. Even though emails are super convenient, they can not replace the feeling you get from receiving a postcard from a family member on vacation or a letter from a friend far away.

In the book, Easter Love Letters from God, kids can experience what it is like to get a letter from their Heavenly Father.

Join me other at Faith Gateway to READ MORE about this wonderful kid's book plus read about a few ways you can touch someone with your written words.

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Rhythms of Rest Book Review

In 2013 Shelly Miller started the Sabbath Society, “a group of hundreds declaring “I’m all in” when it comes to making rest realistic in our busy world.” From that community, the book Rhythms of Rest was birthed. In it, Shelly Miller talks about the life-giving essence of Sabbath without being legalistic. Not only does she tell us what the Bible says about it but shares real life experiences of the #SabbathSociety community along with practical suggestions for removing the obstacles that prevent us from keeping this day set apart.

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You Have a Brain by Ben Carson - A Great Biography for Kids

You Have a Brain: A Teen's Guide to T.H.I.N.K. B.I.G. Written for teens, this book recounts the story of Ben Carson growing up as a young boy in inner city Detroit, and how he overcame many obstacles to go from the class dummy to world-class neurosurgeon. Dr. Carson shares with us the various trials his family faced as well as the simple principles he’s learned along the way; all the while celebrating the strength and tenacity of his mother who wanted better for her children.

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Wine and the Word - Book Review

Although I would not call myself a wine connoisseur, I do thoroughly enjoy drinking a glass of soft, velvety red wine with hints of blackberry and wood spice when paired with Steak au Poivre and Caesar Salad. So when I came across a book that combined both my interest in wine and my love of scripture I thought it was worth a read.

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Restless by Jennie Allen - DVD Study Review

In the book Restless, Jennie Allen takes you on a journey of recognizing the threads in your life, that when followed, help you discover the call God has for you. With the Biblical story of Joseph as her guide, Jennie asks the questions, What if I was made for more? What would happen if GOD got bigger then my fears or insecurities? How can I bring God glory with my life?

The Restless DVD Study brings this into a group setting so that you can explore these questions with other.

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