Incorporating Your Passions into Your Everyday


We are all passionate about something, but few of us can say that those passions are a part of our lives. Long work hours, a new addition to the family, or busyness may cause us to feel like it’s impossible to follow our passions. However, with careful thought and intention, you can incorporate them into your life.

When I first started working with my life coach I thought I was way too busy to pursue the things that were important to me. I had a long list of reason why I wasn’t writing more, connecting with my husband regularly, or deepening my friendships. I assumed I had a time issue. But what I really had was a priority issue. 

I said over and over that these things mattered to me however they weren’t showing up in my schedule. 

When I made a list of my non-negotiables, my values, what I was passionate about, and the things I wanted my family to be known for I had a clear picture of how I really wanted to use my time. These things became appointments in my day, not just for when it was easy, or when I had extra time or money. It took a bit of practice, but eventually, I started to live the life I wanted. 

It's possible to change your life and the life of your family through small consistent steps over time; steps the take you in the direction of the family we were meant to be. << Click to Tweet

3 Examples

When I first started to take back control of my time I wanted to connect more with my kids and reading seemed like the best way to do that. However, when my kids got older, our bedtime routine changed. We no longer read board books together before I tucked them in. Hoping it would happen organically didn't work. The solution was to put it on my schedule. So I:

  • Pick one book with each kid.
  • Chose one night a week to read with a child. 
  • Put it on my calendar and stick to it, even if I have to move things around to make it work

Carl and I are passionate about having people in our home. We want to be the place where family members, neighbors, and especially our kids and their friends want to be. A place where they would come and feel nourished - spirit, soul, and body. This type of atmosphere is not created organically. It’s built with intention. We decided to do that we would: 

  • Say yes when our kids ask to have friends over. 
  • Budget money for extra food to have on hand for play dates. 
  • Purchase outdoor and indoor games that would provide hours of fun, such as a badminton set, Foosball table, Rummikub, and Uno
  • Keep a tidy house, always ready for impromptu get-togethers.

My husband and I are also passionate about travel and exposing our kids to experiences that would allow them to learn in creative ways. To make that a reality in our life we had to:

  • Decide what travel looks like for us in this season. Maybe it’s one big vacation and two long weekends a year, with a few day trips sprinkled in between. 
  • Budget money so that we could take the trips we wanted. Also be creative with where we stay, how we get there, and what we do so that we can afford it. 
  • Say no to things that would prevent us from saving money for those trips.
  • Plan ahead. Be proactive instead of reactive, not waiting until we are exhausted and need a break to get away. 

Just like you can turn your values into practices, you can turn your passions into practice too!

Here’s how:

1. Create a list of the things you are passionate about. If you need some help discovering what you are passionate READ THIS or download The Family Culture Discussion sheet.

2. Envision what your life would look like if you were following your passions and living your best life.

3. Brainstorm about what that means practically for your family. What might you have to say no to say yes to what matters to you? What are the small steps you can take to follow your passions? Where can you schedule your non-negotiables? 

Making what matters to you most a part of your life takes practice. Old habits need to be broken, and new ones made. I have found keeping a list of my non-negotiables, my values, my passions, and what I want my family to be known handy so I can check it often when making plans for my week, month, and year. 


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