Unstoppable Me


Recently one of my kids faced a difficult situation. They were trying something new, and while they were enthusiastic about it at first, they began to be filled with fear as the day approached. I tried to convince them that everything was going to be okay but they didn’t believe me.

I sympathized with them and it broke my heart to see them want to give up. I remembered the words of my friend, “Now we are going to find out what you are made of!”

I knew if I let my kids quit it would only get harder for them to face her fears and do uncomfortable things. They needed to experience what it was like to meet something hard and push through it. If they didn’t, they’d get stuck and wouldn’t grow emotionally.

I second-guessed my decision numerous times that day but in the end I knew I made the right decision. It wasn’t easy, but my sweet child survived and is better for it.

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